Only ‘One in 330’ Japanese is Catholic

►Though the Meiji Constitution (明治憲法) has guaranteed religious freedom since 1889, today (2018), Japanese Catholics comprise only ONE-THIRD OF ONE PERCENT of Japan’s 126.53M population.

If a JumboJet landed in Manila with 330 Japanese passengers, only ONE of them would be Catholic!

There are approximately 509,000 Catholics in Japan. There are 16 dioceses, including three archdioceses, with 1,589 priests and 848 parishes in the country.◘

One thought on “Only ‘One in 330’ Japanese is Catholic

  1. It is difficult to break through the secular culture here in the USA – I get the impression that is even more true in Japan. I can’t imagine the current sex abuse revelations around the world will help any. We can hope & pray….


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