Takayama Never Lived in Dilao

There are Internet posts claiming Lord Takayama and his family lived in Dilao [see Plaza Dilao in History]. This is not correct. Takayama never set foot on Dilao. He and his family always stayed at the Jesuit-owned guesthouse, Casa San Miguel, in Intramuros where he was visited “almost daily” by the Spanish Governor-General in a vain effort to solicit his advice on how Spain could conquer Japan. (Takayama declined to encourage any such plots.)

He was always treated royally; met some newly-arrived Japanese visitors at the garden of the San Agustin Church (the garden is still there!); visited Fort Santiago with his grandchildren, and watched them play at a corner rampart of the Muralla.

Only Spaniards lived in Intramuros. Filipino and Chinese help – servants, gardeners and the like — worked in Intramuros during the day, but had to return to their lodgings OUTSIDE Intramuros after Angelus.


By Dr. Ernie A. De Pedro, Managing Trustee
Lord Takayama Jubilee Foundation

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