In Solidarity with Manila Cathedral – Toyono-cho, Birthplace of Blessed Takayama, Took Photos of the Town on Feb. 3, 2018 – ‘the Day Ukon Passed Away’

The granite statues of Lord Justo Ukon Takayama (born in Toyono-cho in 1552) and his Lady, Doña Justa (Japanese name: ‘Shino,’ a posthumous title) was built by donation by Toyono-cho inhabitants in 2016, to mark Ukon’s 400th death annniversary. The granite was mined from Takayama Village, in Toyono-cho – By Takaki Ohnishi

►These photographs offer sceneries of Ukon’s birthplace on Feb. 3, 2018 – 403rd death anniversary of Ukon — which the town wishes to share with Takayama devotees in the Philippines.

Tono-cho has, of course, no Catholic Church for a Memorial Mass. As in Takayama’s time, it has been 99.63% Shinto/Buddhist, but the town is very proud of their ‘Kirishitan Samurai’ who has been hailed as ‘the epitome of the Japanese spirit.’

In lieu of a Thanksgiving Mass – ‘as you are having at the Manila Cathedral’ — ‘we had a memorial Ukon musical performed by residents of Toyono on February 3 and 4.’

Toyono-cho on February 3 was ‘covered by some snow.’

These terraced paddies must have looked exactly like these some 400 years ago.

A stone marker claims that Ukon Takayama was born in Takayama Village in Toyono-cho, Osaka Prefecture.

In the far background, Takayama Village may be seen.

Takaki Ohnishi, Manager of the Agriculture, Forestry, Commerce, Industrial and Tourism Division, of the Toyono-cho Government, writes about the February environment in Toyono-cho:

‘Here in Toyono-cho, it gets very cold and snows quite often.
This climate makes vegetables sweet and ambrosial!’

* * * * *

Indeed! When Toyono-cho residents make a pilgrimage to Manila this April  — to visit the places in Old Manila associated with Blessed Takayama — Trustees of Takayama will be waiting to welcome them!#

Dr. Ernesto A. de Pedro
Managing Trustee
Blessed Takayama Canonization Movement

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