Doña Justa ‘Shino’ Takayama Has a Granite Statue in Toyono-cho, Osaka

This granite statue in Toyono-cho is the first known representation of Mrs. Justa Takayama

►In 2016, townmates built granite statues to honor Lord Ukon Takayama and Lady Justa ‘Shino’ Takayama in Toyono-cho (Osaka), birthplace of Ukon Takayama (1552-1615). This is the first representation seen of Mrs. Takayama.

Lord Justo Ukon Takayama and Lady Justa ‘Shino’ Takayama are revered in Toyono-cho, Osaka

After the death of Ukon in Manila (Feb. 3, 1615), Doña Justa returned to Kanazawa (with daughter Lucia Yokoyama and one grandson) in mid-1616 to bury a finger of Takayama in the home country. She used the alias Mrs. [Justa] Rokuzayemon during her voyage to Japan. She later settled in Oita City – a 7-hour train ride away (in 2018) from Kanazawa.

The white Cross marking the spot where Takayama’s finger bone was buried can be seen between the trees. Rev. Minoru Yamagata tells Dr. E. de Pedro that the first-born son of the Takayama family in Kanazawa is assigned to tend to the Cross.

The Cross that marked the spot where Takayama’s finger was buried still exists in a forested area outside Kanazawa – undisturbed during 250 years of virulent anti-Christian persecution. Rev. Minoru Yamagata, pastor of the “Jun-ai Christ Church” of Kanazawa City, brought Dr. Ernesto A. de Pedro, Takayama Trustee, to the site in the course of a journey through Japan tracing all the places associated with Lord Takayama.#

The granite statues of Lord and Lady Takayama form the backdrop for cultural presentations made by Toyono-cho residents.

Dr. Ernesto A. de Pedro
Managing Trustee
Blessed Takayama Canonization Movement

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