Promoting the Canonization of Blessed Justo Takayama on Social Media

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle installs an image of Blessed Justo Ukon Takayama at the Manila Cathedral, where Lord Takayama served at Mass during his 44-day sojourn in Intramuros, Manila — before he passed away on Feb. 3, 1615.

►Our Manila-based movement relies on Social Media to promote the canonization of the ‘Jesuit samurai’ – Blessed Justo Takayama (Osaka 1552-Manila 1615).

Takayama died in Intramuros on Feb. 3, 1615 – only 44 days after he and 350 Japanese Christian exiles arrived in Manila. Because, under Church rubrics, “where a person dies, is where one is born to Heaven,” the Manila Archdiocese proposed this “Son of Manila” for sainthood at the Vatican on Oct. 5, 1630 – the first candidate EVER proposed by the Philippine Church.

First Japanese Martyr to Die Outside Japan

Pope Francis issued a ‘Decree of Martyrdom’ on Jan. 21, 2016, declaring Takayama, a “layperson … from Japan [who] died from the hatred of the Faith on Feb. 3, 1615 in Manila, Philippines.” He was beatified on Feb. 7, 2017. He is thus the Philippines’ THIRD Blessed.

►To spread info about him, we run the website: – As this is the only Takayama website in English – it is the ‘de facto’ aggregator of Takayama info.

Statistics on Internet Reach

TOP TEN COUNTRIES reached by the Takayama website: <> are:
►Philippines — 58.27%; ►United States – 22.68%; ►Japan – 06.99%; ►Singapore – 03.13%; ►Australia – 02.61%; ►Hong Kong – 01.66%; ►Brazil – 01.53%; ►Poland – 01.36%; ►Canada — 01.26%; and ►Romania – 01.08%.

The Takayama website is the only one in English. The above figures show how the statistics stack up.#

On Facebook Platform

►On Facebook, we promote the ‘Takayama Cause’ on the FB Page: //justotakayamaukon.

►Promoter’s FB profile is on: //drernestodepedro.

Prayer for One Intercessory Miracle — through Blessed Takayama — in the Name of Jesus Christ

We implore your prayers and support for the ‘Cause of Blessed Takayama’ which – at this stage – is waiting for ONE ‘intercessory miracle’ required for final canonization.

Managing Trustee

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