Basic Reading List on Blessed Takayama

►We receive e-mails requesting for a list of printed literature about Blessed Justo Ukon Takayama (山右近, 1552 Osaka-1615 Manila). No books in English have been published in the past 30 year

The Takama website – – contains blogs that may fill this need.

§§§ For an introduction, written in the 1950s but still relevant, read Fr. Diego Pacheco, SJ, “Fate of a Christian Daimyo.”

§§§ For a summary of Ukon’s heroic virtues, read Fr. Johannes Laures, SJ, “Takayama Ukon – A Candidate for Sainthood.”

§§§ For an overview of Blessed Takayama’s life, written by his Jesuit postulator, Fr. Anton Witwer, SJ, read “Justus Ukon Takayama: the Greatest Japanese Missionary of the 16th Century.”

§§§ For Pope Francis’ view on Blessed Takayama, read “Pope Francis – and 7 Occasions He Extolled the ‘Samurai Christi,’ Justus Ukon Takayama.”

§§§ For Blessed Takayama’s relevance to the Philippine Church, read Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, “Vatican-Bound Cardinal Tagle Commends Blessed Takayama to the Care of Filipino Bishops.”

§§§ For the “accidental” involvement of Filipinos in the promotion of the Cause of Beatification, even after Manila had “seconded” the Cause to the Church of Japan in 1963, read “Journeying with Lord Takayama.”

§§§ For the search for Takayama’s mortal remains in Manila, read “The Search for the Bones of Takayama Ukon.”

Dr. Ernesto A. De Pedro, PhD
Managing Trustee
Prayer Warriors of Blessed Takayama
Recipient of Pope Francis’ Apostolic Blessing No. 460.258

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