Updated Timeline of Blessed Takayama in Manila | Feb. 3, 2022

8-Member Family of Blessed Justus Ukon Takayama Arrives in Manila, 1614. (Painting by Derrick C. Macutay)
8-Member Family of Blessed Justus Ukon Takayama Arrives in Manila, 1614. (Painting by Derrick C. Macutay)

Jan. 21, 2016 – Pope Francis authorizes the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints (CCS) to publish Decree of Martyrdom declaring the Servant of God, Justus Ukon Takayama as a “layperson … from Japan [who] died from the hatred of the Faith on Feb. 3, 1615 in Manila, Philippines”;

Jan. 27, 2020 – Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle commends Canonization Cause of Blessed Takayama to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) at its 120th Plenary Assembly;

Feb. 3, 1615 – Death of Justus Ukon Takayama in the Jesuit (now PLM) Compound, Intramuros, Manila;

Feb. 3, 2018 – Liturgical Feast Day of Blessed Takayama in Japan and the Philippines;

Feb. 7, 2017 – Beatification Rites for Takayama in Osaka Archdiocese, Japan;

March 1, 2017 – Jesuit journal “La Civilta Cattolica” publishes “Justus Takayama Ukon: The Great Japanese Missionary of the 16th Century”;

March 25, 2021 – Canonical Erection of Blessed Justo Takayama Ukon Mission Station in Jamindan, Capiz by Cardinal Jose F. Advincula;

March 28, 2017 – Blessing of Takayama Shrine at entrance of University of Santo Tomas (UST) Graduate School;

April 24, 1590 – Apostolic “Breve” of Pope Sixtus V (r. 1590-1595) sent to Ukon, who was stripped of his second feudal domain in Akashi Prefecture for refusing to abjure his Christian faith;

June 1, 1563 – Baptismal day of Justus Hikogoro Takayama, named after St. Justin Martyr (A.D. 100-165), whose feast day is June 1;

June 10, 1994 – Justus Ukon Takayama declared “Servant of God”; ● July 23, 1987 – Jesuit General Postulator, Fr. Paolo Molinari, entrusts to Prof. Ernesto A. de Pedro the translation to English of the “Positio: Servus Dei, Justus Takayama Ukon: Materia Praeparata Pro Propositione Super Virtutibus Servi Dei Justi Takayama Ukon” submitted in 1975 by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Japan (CBCJ);

June 29, 2019 – Installation of Takayama altar-statue at PLM Chapel (in the Jesuit compound where Ukon died on Feb. 3, 1615) by Manila Cardinal Tagle;

July 24, 1587 – Chancellor Toyotomi Hideyoshi(1537-1598) strips Lord Takayama of his domain in Akashi (明石市) in Hyōgo Prefecture;

July 25, 2019 – Pope Francis imparts Apostolic Blessing to Dr. Ernesto A. de Pedro and Prayer Warriors of Blessed Takayama;

Sept. 20, 1942 – Commemorative Mass for Dom Justo Ukon Takayama at San Vicente De Paul Parish Church at San Marcelino St., Ermita, Manila, celebrated by Osaka Bishop Paul Yoshigoro Taguchi, with the Philippine church hierarchy and top Filipino officials of the Philippine ExecutiveCommission (PEC) in attendance;

Sept. 29, 1988 – Japanese and Filipino history buffs organize “Takayama Ukon Kensho Zaidan” (English: Lord Takayama Jubilee Foundation), the first support group for Takayama’s Sainthood Cause, now superseded by the Prayer Warriors of Blessed Takayama;

Oct. 5, 1630 – Petition sent to the Vatican by the Manila Archdiocese proposing Takayama as the first Manila Catholic to be considered for sainthood;

Nov. 14, 1963 – Manila Cardinal Rufino J. Santos “seconds” Takayama Beatification Cause to Osaka Bishop (later Cardinal) Paul Yoshigoro Taguchi;

Nov. 17, 1977 – Inauguration of the Takayama Memorial as the centerpiece of the Philippines-Japan Friendship Park at Plaza Dilao, Paco, Manila;

Nov. 17, 1992 – Declaration of the Takayama Memorial as a National Monument by the National Historical Commission;

Dec. 21, 1614 – Arrival in Manila of Dom Justus Ukon Takayama with the first boatload of 350 Catholic refugees and migrants deported from Japan;

Dec. 21, 2018 – Manila City Council issues Resolution declaring December 21 every year as “Blessed Takayama Ukon Day” in Manila. ◘

Dr. Ernesto A. de Pedro, PhD
Lead Promoter

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